Vehicle Hub Station (VHS)

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Vehicle Hub Station (VHS)


SOURCE's Vehicle Hub Station system allows mounted troops to hydrate enroute to the objective without draining their individual systems. Warfighters begin their mission fully hydrated with their personal water supply intact.




Hub Dimensions:

Length ...................3.7”/9.5 cm

Width .....................5.1”/13 cm

Weight ...................0.145Kg / 0.31Lbs

Material ..................High impact POM


Vehicle Hub Station KIT content:

  • 6 x 5ft long drinking tubes (B)
  • 7ft long main tube (C)
  • 6 personal drinking valves (D)
  • 6 SQC fittings (E)
  • a manifold body (F) and cover (G)


  • Aquasource 20L|25L Integration Hub connects with a single click to the AquaSource 25L (See AquaSource datasheet) through Source’s SQC™ quick connect. Because the SQC™ is self sealing, hoses can be disconnected at any time without leaks or drips.
  • Adjustable Hub Attachment Straps Allows the hub to be mounted securely throughout the vehicle.
  • Velcro Tube Straps Easy tube rigging for customized configurations.
  • Field Replaceable Parts Designed to allow quick, tool-free replacement of all SQC™ connectors for convenient field repairs or for cleaning.
  • Personal Helix™ Drinking Valves Six Individual, removable Helix™ bite valves, one for each port. Cylindrical valve shape delivers full flow no matter how Helix™ is positioned in the mouth. Retreat spring mechanism seals tightly with no leaks and eliminates backwash.  Integrated twist shutoff mechanism prevents water from being released should the valve be accidentally pressured during transport.
  • Dirt-Shield™ Protective cover keeps Helix™ free of dirt and protected from impact.



Rating And Reviews

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Written by: Kenney on 2013-11-25

The VHS is the best way to keep hydrated while travelling in the desert. With drops at all positions, connected to the Tanker hydration packs, everyone has fresh clean water, without having to use their own supplies. The system is well thought out and easy to setup and use. Great job!