Tactical 3L Hydration Pack


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Tactical 3L
Hydration Pack


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Our most popular hydration system. 3 usage modes: can be worn backpack style, inserted in rucks, or direct-attached to MOLLE on vests or rucks using Source QCA buckle system. Vertical front zipper for fast reservoir access.

Tactical 3L Hydration Pack


  • Length - 17.3” / 44Cm
  • Width - 8.3” / 21Cm
  • Max. Depth - 1.5” / 3.8Cm


  • 1 1/2" tuckaway shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap.
  • External easy opening filler port fits most pump-style water filters.
  • Insulated reservoir compartment.
  • Includes WXP™ 3L reservoir system with: tough 3 layer construction with Glass-like™ PE liner: Taste-Free™ Grunge-Guard™ antimicrobial; leakproof slider wide opening; external fill port; self-sealing Quick Connect Hose Fitting- Quick connect hose fitting offers push button convenience, QMT™ has a built in shut off mechanism which allows the tube to be disconnected without spilling, and is compatible with most filtration systems and accessories, such as UTA™. QMT™ quick-connect weave covered tube (compatible with USMC fielded Miox filter); Patented high flow "no-bite" Storm-Valve™ with Dirt-Shield™ cover.
  • Patented high flow "no-bite" Storm-Valve™ with Dirt-Shield™ cover.
  • Tough Nylon shell.



Liquid Capacity: 3L/ 100oz
Cargo Capacity: N/A
Weight (pack + reservoir):  0.53kg/1.17lbs
Hydration System: WXP™
Reservoir: 435 micron co-extruded Glass-Like™ PE
Valve: Angled Storm-Valve™
Tube: Weave Covered 94cm/37in long

Hydration features

  • Taste-Free™ System- Glass-Like™ Liner technology in reservoir and tube delivers pure liquid taste with no plastic flavor.
  • Bacteria-Free™ System- Grunge-Guard™ Antimicrobial technology blocks bacterial growth for the life of the system.
  • Care-Free™ System- Glass-Like™ Liner with Grunge-Guard™ antimicrobial technologies eliminates the need for cleaning. For days, weeks and even months of use simply refill and drink again and again with no special care required.
  • FDA Approved Materials- All materials in contact with the drinking water are FDA approved. Guaranteed safe and taste-free drinking water.
  • Hi-Flow Storm-Valve™- No-bite push-pull valve with an integrated shut-off mechanism. Like drinking from a straw with easy disassembly for cleaning. (U.S. Patent 6,622,988).
  • Angled Valve- Turns 360 degrees for perfect valve/mouth orientation. Allows tube to be 25cm shorter. Less excess tube bouncing around on the chest!
  • Dirt-Shield™ Protective Cover- No more dragging in the dirt! Keeps valve free of dirt and protected during transport.
  • Cool Weave Cover Tube- Insulates and blocks UV-light. Water stays cool and bacteria free from the first to last sip.
  • Widepac™ Wide Opening Access - Patented slide closure for easy filling, draining and cleaning. Airtight Seal! (U.S. Patent No. 7,648,276,B2)
  • QMT™ Quick Connect Hose Fitting- Quick connect hose fitting offers push button convenience, QMT™ has a built in shut off mechanism which allows the tube to be disconnected without spilling, and is compatible with most filtration systems and accessories, such as UTA™.
  • Large NC Filler Cap- Air tight, low profile one hand operated. Compatible with commonly used personal filtration systems.

Pack features

  • Adjustable Sternum Strap- Adds stability
  • Elastic Secured™ Loops- Keeps loose strap-ends from dangling
  • Dual Function: Backpack/Gear Mounted Modes- Quick release shoulder straps folded into back pocket to load into large pack or mount on gear.
  • QCA™ System- Connects instantly to vests and packs with no additional straps or hardware required.
  • Drain Eyelet- Drains condensation in the insulated reservoir sleeve.
  • Easy Dry D-Ring- With the zippered top open the pack hangs upside down for draining and quick drying.
  • Zippered Top Opening- Quick and easy access to the reservoir for cleaning, draining or replacement.
  • Vertical Zipper- For quick access to the tube/bladder connector for installation of personal filtration systems.
  • External Fill Port with Integral Refill Handle- Delivers fast and easy refills on-the-move with no spills.
  • Cool Insulation- Closed cell insulation keeps liquid cool for better absorption by the body.

Material Spec:

Exterior: Tough abrasion resistant Nylon
Insulation: 5mm closed cell PE
Liner: 70D Nylon
Adjusting Straps:  Heavy Duty PP
Buckles: Super tough Nylon

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Rating And Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Written by: Lennie on 2011-11-01

This is the best hydration pack I have ever owned. Cleaning is really simple and the fact that the whole bladder can be opened allowing easy access for cleaning and drying is brilliant

Written by: Doug on 2011-12-08

We wore these at Marine Corps OCS in Quantico VA and beat the shit out of them. Took them on simulated combat patrols, PT, rolled around in the mud with them, wore them every single day for six weeks, did six through twelve mile hikes with them attached to our packs, ran with them on, you name it we did it. Worked great the entire time, only thing you could ask for is some velcro to attach nametapes and maybe a few PALS attachment points. Still even without these this is a great Hydration system and I would recommend it for anyone.

Written by: Eric Schiro on 2012-03-28

This is one of the greatest hydration systems that I have come across. The ease of taking down to clean and dry are phenomenal. The fact that the pack has to zippers for ease of access is unprecedented. The attachment points are a great idea. A lot of time and energy went into creating this system. The best part is that it is made in the USA. I cannot write everything that I love about this system. Thank you Source.

Written by: Mike on 2012-05-25

I agree with what everyone said plus the back of the carrier has a pocket for your water filter.The zippered side of the carrier lets you hook up your water filter to go directly into the bladder.Best set up!

Written by: Chris Stafford on 2012-06-26

I gotta say this is by far the best hydration system I have ever come across. I bought it in 2007 and beat the shit out of it all over Canada, and other allies training areas. recently got back from the canadian mission in kandahar and i gotta say it went through some tough stuff and is STILL in perfect shape. It really is a cut above the rest

Written by: Gesix on 2013-01-28

Лучший гидратор! вода месяц может пролежать (при стравливании воздуха) и ничего не станет!!!

Written by: lenka on 2013-09-13

Please tell me the size of this hydration pack!

Written by: Source on 2013-09-16

Hi lenka,
Please download the Tactical's datasheet from the "Care and Use" link under the main image.